Look Above, The Sky is Falling

Alexander Sedelnikov, Accelerate, 2019

The exhibition aims to demonstrate a way of orientation of a man inside a chaotic: half-real half-immeasurable society. The title quotation is taken from the article of the same name by Pedro Neves Marques, a Portuguese artist and writer from New York who develops concepts of new anthropology and cosmology. It denotes here the current state of society, which is facing the fundamental changes and the need to redefine itself. The project proposes a method of this redefinition by measurement against values of different scales: micro-, macro-, and mega- systems of the world.

Today, there are, conditionally, two ways of life: material and thus visible and measurable, and informational, virtual, immeasurable, where a person extends outside himself as a ME ++  system. “Immeasurable” society is a new common place which one needs to get used to. But in order to understand it, we still have to determine where we are now. Look above and see if the sky is falling.

Artists: Anna Afonina, Genda Fluid (Antonina Baever), Liza Bobkova, Evgeny Gavrilov (dyad), Alina Glazoun, Alexandra Paperno, Alexander Sedelnikov, APXIV.

Curator: Anna Zavediy

2019 Alexander Sedelnikov, Accelerate, MYTH Gallery, Saint - Petersburg (RU)

2019 Alexander Sedelnikov, Accelerate, MYTH Gallery, Saint - Petersburg (RU)