I hope no one heard us. Audiovisual installation.

Liza Bobkova / Alexander Sedelnikov

Curator: Anna Zavediy
ЦВЕТЕНИЕ/FLOWERING Event-specific installation.

Alexander Sedelnikov + SIR (Abbreviation from Russian "Freedom is Heaven" , оne of the members of the "Oskolki" group")

Curator: Anna Zavediy
Криптархив Cерия показов тематических видеоочерков. Сессия посвящена документации звукового феномена повседневности. Работы выполнены синхронной съемкой.
Extended Memory. Junge Fotografie aus Russland. The Aff Gallery (Berlin, Germany) in collabaration with FotoDepartament / ФотоДепартамент (Saint - Petersburg, Russia) presents an exhibition «EXTENDED MEMORY».
DOSTOEVSKY LIST 2016 - RESULTS ANNOUNCED! The list of 50 most interesting contemporary photographers of Russia and Ukraine, according to website
Опыты броуновского движения / Experiences of Brownian motion The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in collabaration with FotoDepartament / ФотоДепартамент presents an exhibition «Experiences of Brownian motion». Curator – Nadya Sheremetova (Photography researcher, curator of Fund and «FotoDepartment» gallery in Saint Petersburg).
Stedelijk Studies Launch / Issue #1: Collecting Geographies Stedelijk Studies is the academic online journal of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, published in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Utrecht University, VU Amsterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen, and Maastricht University.
De Gids, summer issue 2013/5 Voor veel Nederlanders breken er twee relatief lege maanden aan, al was het maar omdat de rest het werk neerlegt. Een heilzaam gat in de tijd, vrij te besteden. De Gids sluit daarbij aan met een speciaal zomernummer vol verhalen. Met bijdragen van Marie Stahlie, Adriaan van Dis, Philip Snijder, Oek de Jong, Nico Dros, Tonnus Oosterhof, Wanda Reisel, en Tim Parks.
Groundmagazine #19 This Groundmagazine comprises out of photographic references and experiments made by the first year photography students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy during the Mieke Woestenburg's class Photography Theory. Each of the four chapters deals with a different theme on which the students reflected visually.
"IT'S LIKE DRESSING TWICE IN THE MORNING" A group exhibition organized by the first year photography students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, will take place from 15th March, at P/////AKT.

A week later, on 22nd March, a second opening will be held at the same space, with a twist of the original installation.